Well, I’m a little late writing about this one but I didn’t have time earlier this week. By now you have probably heard about last Saturday’s NCAA Division II playoff between Western Oregon University and Central Washington University. With 2 runners on Western Oregon senior Sara Tucholsky hit her first and only home run over the center field fence. She failed to tag first but as she turned to tag-up her knee collapsed. Tucholsky crawled back to first but was unable to continue around the bases. According to the rules if team members helped her she would be out. The umpire ruled that a pinch runner could be used but it would only count as a single. Central Washington 1st baseman Mallory Holtman and short stop Liz Wallace picked up Tucholsky and carried her around the base path stopping at each base so she could tag it. Western Oregon won 4-2.

Holtman holds the Great Northwest Athletic Conference career home run record. In a time when many atheletes especially baseball players will do anything to win it is refreshing to see players more concerned with doing the right thing. Holtman stated that anyone who hits it over the center field fence deserves the home run. Yes, the actions of Holtman and Wallace probably cost the their team the game however their display of sportsmanship has earned the respect of many.

Hat Tip: AK & NBC Sports

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