Update on MySpace Hoax

MySpaceA while back I wrote about a MySpace Hoax devised by Lori Drew designed to humiliate 13-year-old Megan Meier for ending a friendship with Drew’s daughter. Drew had an 18-year-old employee set up a fake account of a 16-year-old boy to be used in the scheme. Drew also enlisted the aid of neighborhood teens in the plot. In Drew’s (Josh’s) final post to Megan, she/he told Megan the world would be better off without her. Shortly, after receiving the final posting Megan committed suicide. Both the FBI and local authorities were unable to find any way to press charges against Drew. It seems that at the very least she should have been charged with fraud, contributing to the delinquency of a minor and child endangerment. Also, charged with parental neglect or some other form of abuse of her own children. Finally, charges have been filed against Drew in the state of California. From what I understand it revolves around violating the “MySpace Terms of Use Agreement”. ElfNino’sMom has a nice write-up about the charges against Drew.

Up until this time Drew has claimed no responsibility for what happened. This really bothers me. This whole mess illustrates a growing problem in our society. People who fail to take responsibility for their own actions. Drew used several common tactics to evade responsibility.

It wasn’t me. Drew has claims that her employee set up the account. Hello, Drew is the boss even if she did not overtly command her employee to set up the account, her employee may have felt pressure to do that. Drew allowed this to happen on her computer and did not attempt to stop the employee.

She started it. Somehow Megan started the incident by ending a friendship with Drew’s daughter. Also, Josh (Drew) approached Megan. Drew instigated the relationship.

Blame the victim. Drew stated that Megan acted immature, said sexually inappropriate things and mean things about Drew’s daughter. Megan was a 13-year-old girl. Anyone who has been in middle school, taught middle school, parented middle school teens, or known anyone that age knows that middle schoolers are immature. Middle school girls especially can be mean to each other. They can be friends one minute and enemies the next. Megan was talking to someone she thought was a16-year-old boy who was interested in her. Teens make inappropriate comments to members of the opposite sex. Megan was acting like a typical teen because she was 13. Drew was pretending to be a teen to hurt a teenager.

There was something wrong with the victim. Drew knew that Megan had a history of depression. She essentially told Megan to commit suicide. What Drew did is like offering beer to someone you know is an alcoholic. The plan was designed to inflict mental anguish on teenager.

I am also troubled by the reasoning Drew used to justify her actions. Yet again, I believe it is a sad reflection of a problem I see in our society.

The victim deserved it. Drew felt justified in humiliating Megan because she had hurt Drew’s daughter. It is absolutely ridiculous to justify a horrendous crime because of a childish spat. Just maybe Drew’s daughter was mean and manipulative like her mother. Comments made my Megan’s mother seem to indicate that possibly Drew’s daughter was jealous that Megan was making new friends.

I didn’t really do anything wrong. Huh? What about an adult torturing a child isn’t wrong.

Our society is becoming increasingly irresponsible and selfish. It is time for a change. I believe that Drew’s case should be a test case for internet bullying. In my opinion, Drew should receive the maximum sentence. Be charged as as a sexual predator and restricted from having any future contact with children including her own. Actions taken against Drew need to be harsh enough serve as a determent against other would be internet predictors.


  1. I agree with you that Drew is a predator, and should be kept away from children. However, the charges against her are actually for defrauding MySpace, and not for anything she did to Megan.

  2. Yes, it is like when the got Capone for Tax evanision. Or in Texas when the wire cutter law was enforced to get a suspected drug dealer. The police had a search warrent to look for a pair of wire cutters & inside the tool box they found the drugs.

  3. I agree that she should take responsibility for her own actions. I wonder how her childhood development went that would cause her to act so immature herself as an adult. I feel that part of her sentence should include required counseling and be restricted from children under the age of 18 until she shows progress in maturing. My opinion.

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