God Guide Us

Originally posted August 27, 2009 this still applies today. With the recent SCOTUS ruling I've seen a lot of Christians posting things that our country is doomed. Personally I believe, our country has been in need of serious prayer for decades. One Supreme Court ruling will not cause the destruction of our society. There is … Continue reading God Guide Us

Top 10: Top Posts for the 2009

Criteria Used: All post had to be written in the 2009 calendar year. #10: Providence - Jimmy at Keeping it Simple wrote a post recently inspired by the actions of Chesley B. Sullenberger, pilot of U.S. Airways Flight 1549. Sullenberger was able to safely land in the Hudson River. Surprisingly, everyone on the flight survived. … Continue reading Top 10: Top Posts for the 2009

God Guide Us

There is a business in our town that has a patriotic themed building. Among the decorations is a banner with the following: God bless America, stand beside her and guide her. Had to wait at the light near this business today and began thinking about that sign. The first thing that struck me was the … Continue reading God Guide Us

Thoughts on the Atonement

While working on this week's  Bible study lesson on the Atonement I began thinking about the Nature of God.  There are some people that have the view of God that he is this detached being out there some where who is just waiting for us to mess up so he can zap us. While other … Continue reading Thoughts on the Atonement