Heard  Plumb’s God Shape Hole the other day and begin thinking about the lyrics.

God Shaped Hole

Every point of view has another angle
And every angle has its merit
But all comes down to faith
That’s the way i see it

You can say that love is not divine and
You can say that life is not eternal
“all we have is know”
But i don’t believe it

There’s a God-shaped hole in all of us

And the restless soul is searching
There’s a God-shaped hole in all of us
And it’s a void only He can fill

Does the world seem gray with empty longing
Wearing every shade of cynical
And do you ever feel that
There is something missing?

That’s my point of view…

It is so easy to forget that were created by God, in his image and to have fellowship with him. Some how we get our priorities messed up and focus on our needs, wants and goals.  It seems no matter how much we accomplish or how busy we get there is a hole or emptiness that can’t be filled.  What are you trying to fill that hole with?

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