Our house in Florida had several gigantic pine trees in the backyard. Those majestic trees were easily close to 100 feet tall. That is pretty big for a couple of Texas kids who think a big tree is anything bigger than the house. During storms the wind would whip those gigantic pine trees around. Tree … Continue reading Trees

Advent: Hope

Today is the beginning is of Advent. Advent is a time for us to prepare for Christmas. It isn't about shopping, baking, decorations or even preparing for the annual Christmas concert, play or cantata. Advent is about what God did for us. It is about God's Radical demonstration of love. 16 For God so loved the … Continue reading Advent: Hope

Wreck-It Ralph — updated version

Found this while looking through pictures to post for Throwback Thursday.   After re-reading, I've made some changes. Wreck-It Ralph is lonely, outcast and tired of being the bad guy. After 30 years of watching good guy, Fix-It Felix, Jr. be a hero and welcomed by the other peeps in the game, he decides to do … Continue reading Wreck-It Ralph — updated version

TDZ Retrospective: A Masterpiece

Posted April 14, 2013. I made this Piggy bank as a gift several years ago. When The Big Guy was a grad student I was able to use the studio in the student center. The studio was run for and by students. The prices were good plus it was convenient. I worked on Piggy for … Continue reading TDZ Retrospective: A Masterpiece

TDZ Retrospective: Laundry, Dishes and Faith

From August 5, 2012 Household chores are a challenge for me. It seems that there is a constant battle to maintain a somewhat clean home.  I do try to keep things clean and my house is actually fairly organized. (No clean and organized are not synonyms.) Between, work, life and having ADHD it is just … Continue reading TDZ Retrospective: Laundry, Dishes and Faith

TDZ Retrospective: Bonsai Trees

From July 8, 2012. Bonsai trees are an amazing work of art. They are actually miniature trees trained to grow in various shapes. They are not merely little shrubs cut down. Rather they are dwarfed trees that are trained to grow as the tree might in nature. This involves pruning from a master caretaker who … Continue reading TDZ Retrospective: Bonsai Trees