Thoughts on Love

Found this tidbit  a couple of weeks ago in the devotional I was reading. Your love for God is only as great as the love you have for the person you love the least. -- Dorothy Day The more I think about it the more profound it is.  A quick look in the concordance and … Continue reading Thoughts on Love


Yesterday, I saw the following sign in front of the local Unitarian Church. We need less religion and more truth. That is actually a profound statement. We do need more truth and less religion. The next question is who's truth? Is truth relative? Or maybe there are many forms of truth that are equal.  Does … Continue reading Truth

It is Both Not Either Or

The other day the Big Guy and I were discussing theology, which really isn't an uncommon occurrence.  The issue was social justice and how many Christians have dropped the ball on this one. One point that came up was that the more conservative groups tend to have a high regard for the authority of scripture and … Continue reading It is Both Not Either Or

Miracle Cross

Saw a commercial on T V the other day for a "miracle cross" necklace. The ad claimed that the entire "Lord's Prayer" was inscribed on a tiny crystal cross. It seems by simply viewing a "miracle" one's faith would be strengthened. Further, it would be an inspiration to others. In my not so humble opinion, … Continue reading Miracle Cross

No Whining

When I read the Bible there are some verses I'd just like to skip. Phil 2:14 is one of those verses. We are commanded to do things without complaining.  That is one passage I'd just like to skip sometimes because I'd rather whine. Instead, I need to embrace the passage.  What passages are hard for … Continue reading No Whining


Our theme for Bible Study this month is conversations. The topic is prayer. I like the concept of thinking of prayer as conversation with God. In this age of being instantly connected with others, conversation is something that comes easy for most. Every day we have conversations with others via phone, email, social networking sites … Continue reading Conversations