gavelThe other day the Big Guy and I were discussing theology, which really isn’t an uncommon occurrence.  The issue was social justice and how many Christians have dropped the ball on this one. One point that came up was that the more conservative groups tend to have a high regard for the authority of scripture and are more likely to give a clear presentation of the Gospel, while the more liberal groups tend to have more concern for social issues and justice. It is as if a church can either have solid Biblical teaching or genuine concern for their community. Why does it have to be either or shouldn’t it really be both?

In Matthew 28:18-20 as we are commanded to share the Gospel and make disciples.  According to Christ the greatest commandment is to love God and the second commandment is to love others as ourselves.  It seems to me that if we truly love God we will follow his command to share the Gospel with others.  Further we will have a genuine concern for social justice issues as well as spiritual matters.

9 thoughts on “It is Both Not Either Or

  1. Very good point to ponder. I’ve noticed something similar, only related to size. The larger the congregation, the more likely it is to be a social outreach. While the smaller churches seem to be more personal scriptural responsibility. There may be some relation to large churches being more liberal and smaller ones more conservative too but that’s a big generalization.


  2. AK: I think the size thing being more liberal has to do more with the denomination of the church. I’ve been in some very conservative churches with 2,000+ members.

    Cathy: TY


  3. Good points but keep in mind, whether conservative or liberal-minded churches, the call to social justice does not necessarily equate to more government programs and spending. It equates to Christian people being Christian in obedient faith and in charity toward neighbor.


  4. Like I said, it was a very broad generalization based upon my somewhat limited experiences. The more liberal churches seem the most popular and therefore larger. At least that’s how it works up here in Alaska. Either that or the village only has one church and everyone goes there because there is no other option aside from house church.


  5. Charles: If you read some of my writings under politics you can learn a little more about my political leanings. Nothing in my response indicates anything about governmental involvement. The intended for audience is Christians. Social welfare programs belong in the hands of the church not the government. If the church were doing its job there would be less need for government welfare programs. I want the government to be involved in my life as little as possible.

    AK: I’m from the Bible belt. Grew literally in the shadow of what was the largest theological seminary in the world. So, there were many very conservative churches.


  6. I recently read a study that said the more government welfare/public assistance programs a country or region has, the less the area population is to attend church or believe in religion. Sorry, I can’t find the reference right now.


  7. I’ve heard the same thing in one of my grad school classes. I think it was in either my juvenile delinquency, substance abuse or crises counseling classes.


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