GivMusic: Bluetree – God of this City

Recently, I have written about the need for Christians to be involved in matters of social justice. It is not enough to have good theology we must also put action to our beliefs.  I have decided to blog about groups I believe are doing this. GivMusic is partnering with Bluetree the release of their new … Continue reading GivMusic: Bluetree – God of this City

It is Both Not Either Or

The other day the Big Guy and I were discussing theology, which really isn't an uncommon occurrence.  The issue was social justice and how many Christians have dropped the ball on this one. One point that came up was that the more conservative groups tend to have a high regard for the authority of scripture and … Continue reading It is Both Not Either Or

Real Hope For Haiti

Aaron from The Paper Mirror and other bloggers have been blogging about Real Hope for Haiti this week. Today I want to share one of the stories from the rescue center. This is a story of hope. it’s a story of faith, trust, and obedience. a normal American family, much like yours, felt like God … Continue reading Real Hope For Haiti