Aaron from The Paper Mirror and other bloggers have been blogging about Real Hope for Haiti this week.

Real Hope for Haiti Campaign

Today I want to share one of the stories from the rescue center.

This is a story of hope. it’s a story of faith, trust, and obedience. a normal American family, much like yours, felt like God was asking them to move to Haiti to give the hope of Christ to Haitians in need. In 1999, Zach, Gretchen, Licia, and Lori began taking children into their home. It started with a child that was severely burned on her leg and stomach. The dream of a rescue center in Cazale, Haiti finally came to fruition in May of 2002, where they currently care for 50-60 children and 4-6 adults at any given time. You can read more about this amazing rescue center here.

Real Hope for Haiti is a evangelical non-profit grassroots organization that proclaims the gospel to the beautiful people of Haiti. There’s no other way to put this: this rescue center saves lives. Many children have entered this place on their deathbed, received life-giving medical care and the love of Jesus Christ. it’s hard to imagine a place that demonstrates the call of Christ more than this. As with Mother Teresa’s mission in India, places like these are central to the theme of loving and caring for the least of these.

So, here’s how it works. people from the surrounding villages and mountains come to this small village of Cazale, Haiti to bring their sick and malnourished children. some travel for hours down difficult mountain paths, risking their own lives to bring their sick to this mission. they are then admitted into the clinic, given medication and food, and if they are in really bad condition are checked into the rescue center. some children stay for 4-5 months while others may be there for 2 years on the difficult path to health. some children get back to full health, others struggle for many years, and sadly some can’t make it through the impossible circumstances. in every case, these children are loved and cared for with the love of Christ.

In underdeveloped countries, children are usually the most at risk. when the average Haitian makes less than one dollar a day, children rarely get the food and nutrients they need in the first years of their lives. this leads to children suffering from kwashiorkor, which is the near-death results of not having protein and nutrients to live. normal families sometimes only have flour and water to feed their children, which causes these kids to be at the end of their ropes. with conditions like these, more than half of all Haitian children die before their fifteenth birthday.

In Cazale, lives are saved. Children are healed. Wounds are bandaged. broken and desperate kids are loved and cared for. for a lot of children in the surrounding areas, the rescue center may be the ONLY chance they have for real hope of survival.

The rescue center and clinic are completely funded by a few individuals and a small number of churches. currently, there are less than 15 individuals/families who give every month, and less than 15 churches that give every month. they are grateful for these generous people, but are needing more people like them to join in.

Rescue Center

Here’s the cold, hard truth. it costs around $15,000 a month to support both the clinic and rescue center. (the rescue center alone takes $8,000 to operate). this $15,000 covers hiring local Haitian men and women (empowering them to be a part of change by giving them jobs, skills, and ministry), food, formula, supplies, medicine, and rent for the 2 buildings. in other words, $15,000 is bare minimum. this doesn’t include any future development or planning. this is the cost of maintaining and sustaining the lives of the people there. currently, there are monthly commitments of $5,000. that means only 1/3 of the monthly budget is met by monthly supporters. the other 2/3 is based on one-time donations and people giving here and there. because of a lack of monthly supporters, it makes it increasingly difficult to keep the doors open every month.

How you can help

You can send a check to their ministry office

Real Hope For Haiti
P.O. Box 23
Elwood, IN 46036

For on-line donations.

Donate Real Hope for Haiti

More about Real Hope for Haiti.

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