crossSaw a commercial on T V the other day for a “miracle cross” necklace. The ad claimed that the entire “Lord’s Prayer” was inscribed on a tiny crystal cross. It seems by simply viewing a “miracle” one’s faith would be strengthened. Further, it would be an inspiration to others.

In my not so humble opinion, personal Bible study and being involved in a Bible believing church will do more for spiritual growth than jewelry.  It seems that sometimes we are willing to do anything except actually follow the Bible to appear religious.  How much would my faith grow if I were seriously committed to being devoted to my personal Bible study and prayer time.

6 thoughts on “Miracle Cross

  1. I’d be tempted to put that cross on a bookmark for my Bible. If a person’s faith is so shallow that jewelry would help strengthen it, then you’re not likely to have much real faith. I agree that Bible reading and attending a Bible believing church are more important and real.


  2. Okay, when I first read this, I thought, “Really? A crystal cross with the Lord’s prayer? Like writing on a grain of rice???”

    Apparently I am shallowly impressed. (smile).


  3. I hit enter too early…

    When I was a little girl of about six, I won a cross like that at a carnival. If you squinted you could see the Lord’s prayer in the middle. I did think it was a miracle and I was so sad later when the cheap metal broke. (I still have the top portion in a tin of childhood treasures.)

    Though I don’t believe this will strengthen faith (any more than buying Liberian Commemmorative 9/11 coins does anything for the World Trade Center families) I may actually have to buy one.

    Yes. Definitely shallowly impressed.


  4. Well, apparently my nostalgia doesn’t extend to paying two payments of $19.95 and $7.99 shipping and handling for something that is likely of no better quality than the one I got at the carnival. Oh well.


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