U.S. Flag

There is a business in our town that has a patriotic themed building. Among the decorations is a banner with the following:

God bless America, stand beside her and guide her.

Had to wait at the light near this business today and began thinking about that sign. The first thing that struck me was the last part “… and guide her.”  God is a gentleman and will not force his will on anyone, family, church, or even nation. He will only guide those who are willing to be led by him.

The next thing that struck me was the first statement “God bless America…”. We can’t expect God to bless our lives, family or nation if we are unwilling to be led by Him. To me it seems hypocritical to pray “Lord bless me” when I fail to make my relationship with him a priority.

For change to happen in our nation it must first begin on an individual level. We must first allow God to guide our lives and put him first.

2 thoughts on “God Guide Us

  1. Amen! There was a song on the radio awhile back, “America, Bless God” which really struck those same ideas. God’s blessing isn’t a one way thing from heaven. We need to return those blessings by being faithful and obedient.


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