My go to music this summer has been from two Irish bands, one is a well known band and the other is a new band.  So, I’m sure you’ve probably guessed that one of the bands is U2. The new band is Bluetree.

No Line On the Horizon just reinforces why I like U2 so much. They always come up with something fresh. My favorite is Magnificent. I’ll write more about No Line On the Horizon later. U2 has been one of my favorites for years and probably will continue to be one of my favorites.

Bluetree’s current release God of  This City has quickly become one of my favorites.  The story behind the title song is amazing. However I also like When I Survey and River. I’m planning on writing a full review of the CD later.

One thing I like about both U2 and Bluetree is that both bands are using their platform as musicians to promote good causes. Bono has long been known for his social activism. On their website U2 has a Hearts+Minds section that highlights charities and causes they support. Bluetree has teamed up with GivMusic.com to help stop human trafficking.

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