Dale Hansen, WFAA Sports Anchor
Dale Hansen, WFAA Sports Anchor

Dale Hansen is the head sports guy for WFAA TV in the Ft Worth, Texas area. One of my favorites as has always been his “unplugged” segments. This one is about the departure of Terrell Owens from the Dallas Bratboys, I mean Cowboys. Wasn’t able to get the video to work but here is the transcript of Hansen’s Unplugged segment:  You can watch the video on WFAA’s website.

Former Cowboys coach Bill Parcells, who never called Terrell Owens by name, says if you get rid of him, you get rid of half the problems this Cowboys team has.

And with half the problems gone now the other half should be easier to fix.

I’m having a little trouble giving Cowboys owner Jerry Jones credit for fixing the mess he himself created, but it’s a start. And maybe a good one.

It takes Jones a long time to admit he’s made a mistake, but he usually gets there and he has again.

It was raining and raining hard in Dallas the day Owens signed to play here and the day he goes the sun is up early and shines all day long. A coincidence maybe, but a metaphor certainly wherever he goes.

I am sick and tired of hearing the game announcers say almost every week they need to get the ball to Owens early, need to get him involved to keep him interested, need to call plays so the ball goes to him because it was always about him.

It’s not fair to the quarterback, not fair to the guy who calls the plays, either.

A Hall of Fame talent with a Pop Warner brain.

He was the spoiled kid on the playground who talked about winning, but only if he was the reason why.

Winning is never enough for a man like Owens. It’s not for a lot of guys who play games at the highest level, but the great ones get it. Too many don’t and Terrell Owens never has.

It’s always been Terrell Owens to me. I never once called him T.O. because I’ve always thought a nickname is a sign of affection.

I only use nicknames for the people I like or people I respect.

And I don’t respect players who waste the talent they have bouncing from one team to another because they can’t spell team if you spot ’em the t, the e and the a.

But now that Owens and the Cowboys have broken up, as hard as it probably was, maybe I should call him T.O. because I do love to see him go.

The acquisition of T.O. is one of many stupid decisions made by the Cowboys’  hapless owner Jerry Jones. Getting rid of Owens is a step in the right direction. Now if the Cowboys can just get rid of their owner. He needs to be dumped the way he did the only real Cowboy coach (Tom Landry).

6 thoughts on “Dale Hansen on Terrell Owen’s Departure

  1. Cowboy:

    Yes, I know about the Cowboys. I know from checking out your site that Hansen knows more about the Bratboys than you. TO us is one of many punks that the Hill Billy has continue to bring into. Of course, shouldn’t be surprising that he likes loud mouth, showboats with low morals. It is a good example of the trickle down effect.


  2. Dale Hanson also said that as in “The Bachelor” Terrell Owens did not get a rose.

    But Tony Romo had a thorn removed.

    A few weeks ago when the Cowboys played a NYC team, the Day Beak staff on WFAA, offered to send TO to NYC if the NYC team won.


  3. I agree with Hansen. I also agree with you, partially. The problem isn’t Owner Jones, but GM Jones. If Jerry would just write the checks and keep his nose out of the rest, the Cowboys would be able to get back (maybe) to where they were when Jimmy was the GM. Of course, I’m just being polite. Nice bit!


  4. I’ve always liked Hansen. Maybe things would be better if Jones would just be the owner. However, I lost respect for Jones after the way Landry was treated.


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