Michael Tait with the Newsboys
Michael Tait with the Newsboys

Yes, that is right Michael Tait has replaced Peter Furler as lead singer of the Newsboys. I had been hearing rumors of this for a while but it is offical. After 22 years with the group Furler will no longer be touring with the group. He will continue to write and produce plus make some appearances with the group.

New Release Tuesday with Tait & Duncan Phillips confirming the changes to the band. I’ve found a few clips with Tait and am looking forward to actually hearing/seeing something with the “new” Newsboys. In the mean time enjoy this clip of  the “old” Newsboys performing He Reigns.

7 thoughts on “Michael Tait Joins Newsboys

  1. wow….
    i wish i had known thsi ahead of time :/
    Furler is awesome
    how can you have Newsboys without him?
    im sure Tait is great, but….Pete is the main person that made me attracted to Newsboys when i was a kid
    He has a great vibe that made me love them instantly!
    well, nevertheless Gods will be done

    God bless you Newsboys and everyone else


  2. when i first heard their new song, i new it sounded like a Toby Mack/DC Talk style of music and its good to know that Michael tait has made a come back—i think the new group is going to be awsome!


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