americamovieLast weekend America debuted on Lifetime.  I don’t usually like Lifetime movies but I found their newest offering interesting.  America recounts the plight of 16 year-old America who has grown up in the foster care system. Due to circumstances he ends up in a youth treatment center where encounters Dr. Maureen Brennan (Rosie O’Donnell). The movie is an adaptation of the  book America by E.R. Frank.

The movie draws attention to a serious problem we have in our country. There are thousands of children in foster care many of whom will eventually age out of the system.  At 18 or 21 in the state of New York these young adults are left to fend for themselves. While some may be prepared for the future or have a support system to help with the transition to adulthood many do not.

One thought on “Movie Review and More: America

  1. Hey, just wanted to say that this movie is meant to be seen by alot. I loved it! It makes a lot of sense. There are many kids in America right now, who ends up like America did. I know that it really hurted America to go through the things he went through; he went through a lot in life, things such as: mother on crack, being forced to drink alcohol at an early age, being messed around by their own sex, and also having to murder someone just to protect someone he loved dearly! I know it hurted America to set the house on fire. I see that it was bad for him to set the house on fire, but at the same time, I dont blame him because he was saving someone else’s life!
    Whenever I think about the movie, there is alot of things that i could say, but there is one important one that I really love to say! “America may have went through a lot in life, he almost gave up, but the most important thing is, HE DIDN’T!


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