Runner Up

A Chicago teen was busted for illegally operating a commuter train. It seems this aspiring Einstein took pictures of himself and then posted them on his MySpace page.  Yep, that’s right he provided the authorities with photographic proof of his stunt. Metra officials received a phone call a couple of weeks ago about the prank.

HT: Fox News

And The Winner is …

Former Miss Teen Louisiana Lindsey Evans, and three of her aspiring rocket scientist friends Jordan James, Jennifer Martin, and Morgan Goleman seem got into a bit of more trouble than they counted on when they skipped out on a $40 something tab Posados Café in Bossier City. Her highness and her royal court apparently became miffed with the slow service and decided the best course of action was to leave.  Unfortunately, Evans left her purse behind.  When the resturant employees checked the purse for an id they found a little bonus. It seems that Evans also left her pot behind.  Of course, the restruant called the police. Evans and her buds made it even easier for Bossier City’s finest by returning to the resturant to retrive the purse. So the resturant employee’s got a little sweet revenge on some snotty customers.

HT: Today

One Last Word

If you post any potintial ID10T Winners feel free to snag the image. Be sure to leave a comment to your posting.

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