Lunch Box Police?

A Chicago public school, Little Village Academy has banned lunches from home. The school now requires all students to buy a school lunch for $2.25 a day. The only exemption to the rule is if the child has food allergies. The schools say this is necessary to improve students health.  Children's Success Academy in Tucson, … Continue reading Lunch Box Police?

More ID10T Candidates: Photos & Pot

Runner Up A Chicago teen was busted for illegally operating a commuter train. It seems this aspiring Einstein took pictures of himself and then posted them on his MySpace page.  Yep, that's right he provided the authorities with photographic proof of his stunt. Metra officials received a phone call a couple of weeks ago about … Continue reading More ID10T Candidates: Photos & Pot

Tribute to Tejas (Texas)

Today in 1836 the Texican forces under the command of General Sam Houston defeated the Mexican troops led by General Antonio López de Santa Anna. The short but decisive battle took place near Buffalo Bayou (Houston). While the Mexican forces were taking a nap, Houston launched an attack on the Mexican camp. By the time … Continue reading Tribute to Tejas (Texas)