ID10T: Pocket Dial 911

This has got to be one the best stories of stupid criminals I've heard about.  Jason Hamielec and Brian Johnson, of Madison Wisconsin ripped off DVDs and video games from a local Target. They planned to sell the stuff to a local used video store.  As the guys were in headed to the video store … Continue reading ID10T: Pocket Dial 911

ID10T Winner: Dude Beats Up Easter Bunny

I actually heard this one on the local news tonight. It seems that this afternoon some dude punched out the Easter Bunny at the local mall. His excuse was the bunny got too close to him. I've seen that bunny and he is pretty tall but punching out someone in a bunny suit is a … Continue reading ID10T Winner: Dude Beats Up Easter Bunny

More ID10T Candidates: Photos & Pot

Runner Up A Chicago teen was busted for illegally operating a commuter train. It seems this aspiring Einstein took pictures of himself and then posted them on his MySpace page.  Yep, that's right he provided the authorities with photographic proof of his stunt. Metra officials received a phone call a couple of weeks ago about … Continue reading More ID10T Candidates: Photos & Pot

Yet Another ID10T Winner

Somebody must have left the idiot gate open because there seems to be a bumper crop of candidates for the ID10T award. I heard this one on the news last night however I was not able to find it on-line so a few details like names and location are missing. A north-central Florida woman and … Continue reading Yet Another ID10T Winner