NOTE: Post contains lots of pictures.

One of the most famous landmarks in Gainesville is Ben Hill Griffin Stadium a.k.a The Swamp. The Swamp is home to the University of Florida football team. The Swamp has seen action by three Heisman winners and two national championship teams.

View from University Avenue
View from University Avenue

Bull Gator statue built in honor of the 2006 NCAA Football championship team.
Bull Gator statue built in honor of the 2006 NCAA Football championship team.
Home of the Gators
Home of the Gators

Tribute to fromer Gator greats.
Tribute to fromer Gator greats.
Gator Heisman winners: Spurrier, Wuerffel & Tebow
3 National titles in 366 days. NCAA Men's Basketball Champions '06 & '07 and NCAA Footbal Champ
3 National titles in 366 days. NCAA Men Basketball '06 & '07 and NCAA Football 2006. Welcome to Title Town USA.

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16 thoughts on “My World Tuesday: Welcome to the Swamp

  1. Thank you for the wonderful tour. This 2nd week of meme really makes us appreciate the many places that we don’t usually see or ever had a chance to visit like the one you showed me in this post. Hope you get to have time to check my world too. Another great job and more to come in the coming weeks.


  2. Okay. Gotta give it to you that was an interesting post and it was hard to compliment you because I live in Seminole Country!!! LOL
    Seriously, good job, just a little football fun…..


  3. TCKK & Lawstude: TY

    Arijia & Louise C.: I’m not really a football fan. I just enjoy playing with my camera. The Big Guy is a big time sports fan especially football. He had to go to campus for a while last night & I was walking around with my camera waiting for him.

    Darla: Until we moved here for the Big Guy to work on his PhD I really didn’t know much about SEC teams except 2 teams.

    Brit Gal Sarah: Yes, I think Emmitt is more widely known for being a running back for the Cowboys.

    Guy: I used to like the Memphis Mad Dogs back when the CFL had teams in the U.S.

    Donald Kinney: Yes, they do. I think Tim Tebow may be the greatest player to come out of UF. He is not only a great athlete but a good guy. Tebow has said several many times that his hero is his sister who is a missionary. Tebow knows that football isn’t the most important thing in life.


  4. Wren: LOL. Game days are crazy but we’ve only been to one game. The Big Guy says that the games here are nothing compared to a home game in Kyle Field (Texas A&M) Gig’em.

    Antigoni, Sandy & Klaus: TY


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