If I Could Visit Any City

Cleaning out my draft folder and found this one.  It seems ideas for blogging always happen at inconvenient times. I tried carrying various sizes of notebooks to jot down notes and blog ideas. Well, if I ever find any of my notebooks I'll post them.  Hey if you see a notebook with what appears to … Continue reading If I Could Visit Any City

Blogging is …

I've been blogging since the mid-1990s. Although it wasn't called a blog back then. I kind of stumbled into the blogging thing accidentally. Blogging has always been about creativity and self-expression. The writing part was the accidental part. Blogging is a creative outlet. It gives me a place to showcase my writing and photography. Creativity … Continue reading Blogging is …

What is Your Learning Style.

That is a very good question, I'm glad you asked. Maybe you didn't ask but Plinky did. Part of my specialization as an educator has included learning styles. The average teacher is either an auditory or visual learner who prefers highly structured formal educational settings. My learning preferences are the opposite. Guess I'm certainly not … Continue reading What is Your Learning Style.

My Favorite Teams

My favorite professional teams are the Texas Rangers, Dallas Mavericks and Dallas Stars. I've been a Texas Rangers fan for as long as I can remember. Growing up in Tarrant county they were the team to watch. Also, my Granddaddy liked the Rangers. Guess I discovered the Mavericks in middles school. Guess I became a … Continue reading My Favorite Teams