That is a very good question, I’m glad you asked. Maybe you didn’t ask but Plinky did. Part of my specialization as an educator has included learning styles. The average teacher is either an auditory or visual learner who prefers highly structured formal educational settings. My learning preferences are the opposite. Guess I’m certainly not the typical educator. My learning style is tactile/kinesthetic and I prefer a very informal non-structured environment. I learn best by reading instructions paired, visual demonstrations and hands on practice.

Currently, I’m learning to play the guitar. I’m using a combination of on-line video lessons and guitar method books. I started with just the method books. The 1st book was rather easy because I already read music and have learned to play other instruments. However the intermediate level book was more difficult and I had reached a road block after just a couple of lessons. With the on-line series I’m able to see/hear how to play something.

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