Silly Pencil DudeI’ve been blogging since the mid-1990s. Although it wasn’t called a blog back then. I kind of stumbled into the blogging thing accidentally. Blogging has always been about creativity and self-expression. The writing part was the accidental part.

Blogging is a creative outlet. It gives me a place to showcase my writing and photography. Creativity was the inspiration for the original Dee Zone. In grad school I had a professor who encouraged creative projects in lieu of a research paper. Of course, at that time I would do anything to get out of writing. It was around 1996, WWW as we know it today was “new”. Having a personal website was trendy for all the “cool” nerds. It seemed like the perfect project. Of course, writing a research paper would probably have been easier. I had to hand code the 1st TDZ using Notepad and a browser. Oh did I mention that I didn’t know HTML. Not long after the project was over I began focusing on design and TDZ migrated to GeoCities. I added a section called “Soapbox”. That was my first attempt at what has become blogging. Over the years I tried different things with TDZ and writing. In 2007, the TDZ came back on-line on Blogger and moved to WordPress a few months later.

Blogging is a avenue for ranting. It gives me a place to spout off about things that bug me or whatever happens to float through my ADHD mind. I think the Big Guy prefers that I vent here than to him. Some of my rants are humorous like Itchy Tags or Commas, Diagramming and Other English Rants. Other times my rants are about serious issues, Real Housewives and Real Children.

Blogging is platform for a wanna be writer/photographer. Every aspiring writer/photographer dreams of becoming a published author or professional photographer. I would love to do that but I’m also a realist. Self-published books rarely make enough money to cover the cost of publishing. Professional photography requires better equipment than I can afford at this time. Blogging gives me a place to publish/display my work. I know some bloggers do make money with their blog. I’ve tried a few things but never really made money and found it was more trouble than it was worth. So for now blogging is about the process of creating something. Of course, I’m always open to becoming a professional blogger..

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