I have ADHD so relaxing can be a challenge even on the best of days. I have several strategies I use for relaxing. My top three are family meal time, doing something I enjoy  and a calming environment.

Family meal time is a priority in our home. It is a chance to unwind, decompress and connect. I enjoy cooking and I use the time spent preparing meals to help me refocus from an often stressful day at work.

I try to take some time each evening to do something I enjoy. It might be family movie night or one of my many hobbies. My current favorite hobbies are painting, photography and playing the guitar.

Creating a calming environment is essential in controlling ADHD. At least a couple of before bedtime I need to slow things down and remove the days distractions. I do this by trying to calm things down around the house a couple of hours before bedtime. On really stressful days I also use candles and peaceful music.

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