If money were no object what would my ideal home be like. Gee I’m glad you asked. Okay so you didn’t ask but Plinky did. My dream home or ideal home would have a man cave/home theater for the Big Guy, for me it would have a big kitchen, luxurious master bath and space for my art, music, etc. On the practical side the home would be energy-efficient.

A man cave/home theater for the Big Guy is a must. The man cave would have a large TV with surround sound. Also, it would need theater seating or gamer chairs big enough for the Big Guy. Oh yes, sound proofing for the man cave is a must.

My top three features would a spacious kitchen, luxurious bath and space for my art/music. A kitchen with new high-quality appliances and plenty of storage and prep space is a must. It would be really nice to have a walk-in pantry and yes it would be alphabetized and sorted by categories.

On the practical side my dream home would include several energy-saving features. It would have solar panels on the roof as well as a solar water heater.

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