It is hard to select only three years, there are so many choices. After some thought the 3 most significant years are 1998, 2003 and the current year.

1998 was the beginning of a new adventure in my life – The Big Guy and I got married. It has certainly been an adventure some of it and some not so good. Our adventure has included a total of 3 graduate degrees (2 for The Big Guy and 1 for me), a cross-country move, many vacations and a lot of just normal everyday stuff.  Sometimes the simple everyday stuff can turn out to be the best, like just hanging out with The Big Guy. Love you Babe.

The adventure begins

In 2003 we moved to Florida so The Big Guy could continue his education. It was supposed to be a 4 or 5 year stay well almost 10 years later we are still here.

The current year has the potential to be most important year so far. I’m not sure what will happen. Each new year offers an opportunity to try new things, change things or just get by. For me many times it has just been getting by. I’ve been trying to new opportunities and embrace each new year as the potential for another new adventure. That is saying a lot from someone who dislikes change.

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