Things That Make You Think

A Boy Named Sue Effect Recent studies have found that children with unusual names apparently suffer no long term effects. As someone who has an unusual name I have always enjoyed being a little different than the rest of the pack. I never had to worry about 4 other people in my class with the … Continue reading Things That Make You Think

One Cool Kid

Last week I saw a segment on Good Morning America about 12-year-old Michael Guggenheim that is truly inspiring. Michael has dysgraphia, form dyslexia that affects fine motor skills including handwriting skills. Michael’s mom first noticed problems when he was able to read but could not even write his name. The process of even holding a pencil … Continue reading One Cool Kid

Top 10: ADHD Things

As, you probably have figured out if you have read my tagline I have ADHD. Life with ADHD can be interesting, at times challenging but mostly it is just normal. While talking with a friend I came up with the idea for writing a list of Top 10 ADHD Things. #10 Easily distracted Sometimes it … Continue reading Top 10: ADHD Things

Cool Gift Idea for Children

Looking for a cool gift idea for a child?  How about a low cost laptop designed especially for children?  The One Laptop Per Child Foundation has created a laptop designed especially for children in developing countries. The laptop was designed to be used inside or outside. It sports a battery with a long life and … Continue reading Cool Gift Idea for Children