question.gifA Boy Named Sue Effect

Recent studies have found that children with unusual names apparently suffer no long term effects. As someone who has an unusual name I have always enjoyed being a little different than the rest of the pack. I never had to worry about 4 other people in my class with the same name. While my name is different it is not really odd or strange. I do still have a hard time understanding why a parent would name their child Moon Unit or Crime Fighter.

Good Ole Push-Ups

It seems that as much as I dislike them push-ups are a good indicator of fitness.

Debut of the New $5 bill

5dollar.jpgLook for the new, colorful to begin showing up soon. The new $5 bill will made its debut this past Thursday (3/13) at the gift shop in President Lincoln’s Cottage.

Environmental Responsibility is a Christian Virtue

This week both the Southern Baptists and Catholics have made statements regarding the environment and it is about time. Catholics have added pollution to the lists of deadly sins. Some Southern Baptists leaders have challenged Christians to fight climate change..

Enrollment Down in Computer Science Programs

Enrollment in Computer Science program is down for the first time in over a decade.

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, Its Superman … No It’s a Bullet Stopping Gun

This one is sounds like it is from DC Comics or Marvel but really I found it on DiscoveryNews. Scientists have created a magnetic gun that can stop tiny bullets.

Moko, A Real-Life Flipper

In New Zealand, a dolphin guided two stranded whales to safety. The dolphin named Moko by locals is known for playing with swimmers on the beach. I’m sure the Flipper reference is telling my age. If you don’t get it let me know. Get the rest of the story.

Word for the Day

rodomontade: pretentious, bragging speech.

A Word About Identity Theft

There is a new phenomenon in identity theft that often goes unnoticed for years. Apparently, some sleezeballs are stealing a child’s identity. In many cases it isn’t detected until many years later and the victim attempts to apply for credit.

6 thoughts on “Things That Make You Think

  1. I grew up with a boy named Sue, although it was actually spelled Sioux. That was strange, I admit, though now I think it’s a pretty cool name.

    When we were expecting the Elfen child, ElfNinosDad and I suffered over a name for him. We wanted something that would not result in any anyone making fun of him, because we had both grown up with kids who were teased mercilessly by kids making fun of their name.

    That he ended up by high school being called “Elf” by everyone, from friends to even his old high school principal – to this day, sometimes I will reference him by his real name, and his friends have no earthly idea who I’m talking about – is a source of humor to me, given how hard we worked to avoid him having a strange name like that one, LOL


  2. What is your name? Mine is unusual in the the US, but not really that uncommon in other places; it’s not odd like “Sue Effect” though. Why would parents name their son Sue? There’s a bit of double standard with androgynous names for girls versus “girly” names for boys but it’d still make growing up more difficult!

    And also, how does a gun stop bullets? Aren’t guns used to expel projectiles??


  3. My name is unusual period & spelled with an apostrophe. For some reason some people can’t seem to figure out how to pronounce it. The result is that my name becomes a guys name if you leave out the apostrophe. I’ve wondered if these people have problems reading contractions as well.

    The gun is magnetic. However at this time it only stops pellet size bullets.


  4. Elf actually loves being called Elf, believe it or not. He kind of looks like an elf, though. A couple of years ago he went to the mall at Christmas time wearing an elf hat I’d bought him (he’s fun, obviously) and they tried to hire him to work for their Santa, LOL

    When he was playing sports when he was younger, his nickname was AJ, and he absolutely hated that nick. I guess it was a little too normal for his taste, LOL


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