The Kapsiki people of Cameroon where so eager to have a copy of the Bible in their own language that 5,000 willingly risked possible attacks from Boka Haram to get a copy of the newly published Bibles. They Kapsiki believers were excited to finally have a Bible in their own language. As the convoy carrying … Continue reading Risks

ABC Wednesday: B is for Bible

The Big Guy and I both have theology degrees as a result we have a lot of Bibles. Our Bible collection includes many translations and styles of Bibles. Some include study or teaching aids. Our collection includes many translations. Others have sentimental meaning. Some have cool, unusual or pretty covers. Most are well used. See … Continue reading ABC Wednesday: B is for Bible

Things to Ponder …

voluble: characterized by a ready flow of speech. Apparently towns in Texas occasionally move around. I noticed this one when I was watching Good Morning America coverage about the removal of women and children from the polygamist sect near Eldorado, Texas. Can't remember who was giving the news but what caught my attention was when … Continue reading Things to Ponder …

KJV Only, Rock Music and Other Rants

I work in a Christian bookstore. Most of the time I really like my job; it is a nice place to work. I encounter a variety of people each day, most of whom are Christians. Christians are an interesting group of people. Some tell me that I must be spirit-filled and speak in tongues (unknown … Continue reading KJV Only, Rock Music and Other Rants

Advice on Choosing a Bible

Recently my mom, asked me to a respond to an email from one of her friends about Bible translations. Her friend was asking specifically about The Message. I work in a Christian bookstore and also have a Master of Divinity. Well, anyway here is my answer. The Message is a paraphrase in modern language and … Continue reading Advice on Choosing a Bible