The Big Guy and I both have theology degrees as a result we have a lot of Bibles. Our Bible collection includes many translations and styles of Bibles.

Some of the Bibles we have collected over the years.
Some of the Bibles we have collected over the years.

Some include study or teaching aids.

Back Row: Parallel New Testament, New American Standard (NASB) Disciple Study Bible (NIV), Parallel Greek/English New Testament. Front: Ryrie Study Bible (KJV), Rainbow Study Bible (KJV)

Our collection includes many translations.

Just of a few of the NIV
NIV is one of the translations that I use the most when teaching.
New Living Translation (NLT) in the back. Children's Living Bible (LB) in the front.
New Living Translation (NLT) in the back. Children's Living Bible (LB) in the front.
Right now the ESV is my favorite translation.
Right now the ESV is my favorite translation.
Today's English Version
Back: Today's English Version (TEV), NASB, New English Bible; Front: Revised Standard (RSV)
King James Version
King James Version

Others have sentimental meaning.

Back: Bible given to me when I graduated from seminary. My Grandma's Bible. Front: My granddad's Bible. Bible I was given when I was Baptized and used as a child. First Bible given to me by my Grannie.

Some have cool, unusual or pretty covers.

Back: ESV with Celtic Cross, Bible my Grandma recovered from an old purse. Front: Children's Living Bible. I always like the cover when I was little. Metal Covered ESV Battle Zone Bible. I carry this one in by purse. Thought it would hold up better than others but notice the dent on the front.

Most are well used.

The gray
I was given the gray one when I graduated from college and used it for many years. The Bible in the front was the one I used growing up and the pages really don't stay in anymore.

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14 thoughts on “ABC Wednesday: B is for Bible

  1. One day the Fergusson Family Prayer Book will be yours:

    Church of England Prayer Book,
    published by Alexander Kincaid, His Majesty’s Printer, Edinburgh, Scotland,
    in 1772.

    This Prayer Book was printed using 27 (not 26) English alphabet characters. The 27th letter was a “hard s.” In handwriting the top half resembled an “l” and the bottom half resembled an “f”

    In reading this prayer book–“For all have finned, and come short”


  2. I have several Bibles, but not so many as you! I love the language in the King James, but the International Standard is clearer.

    On behalf of the team, thank you for taking part in ABC Wednesday! Hope to see you again next week. 🙂


  3. hi,
    i wish i could have a bible like yours,the children’s living bible.where can i buy one like that here in Manila Philippines.Godbless!


    1. Not sure about a NASB. ESV is known for having unique covers. Like NASB, ESV is a literal translation. However it is more readable and in my opinion better translation.


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