Ink drawing of wedding rings

Inktober 2019: Rings

So I'm a little late starting Inktober. I found out about Inktober in late September and just didn't have time to get any drawings done, so mine may go into November.  Inktober has actually been around for 10 years. It is a cool project to get artists drawing.  I have always enjoyed using pen and … Continue reading Inktober 2019: Rings

Look What They Did to My Park . . .

Hi, It's me Maddie Mae again. The Big Guy took the fam out for a drive this weekend. It was fun. I like going for rides except they won't let me drive. I want to drive. Well anyway we drove by my park. You are not going to believe what I saw. Do you see … Continue reading Look What They Did to My Park . . .

Cord Cutters

Recently, I have had several people ask about alternatives to cable or satellite. The Big Guy and I have been cord cutters for about 10 years now. We became cord cutters out of necessity due to problems with both cable and satellite. We have tried Sling, Hulu Live, Direct TV Now, YouTube TV. Currently we … Continue reading Cord Cutters