Thank You

My cousin posted this on FB and I had to share.  It as a great message. Pay attention to the current solider and vet. Both the solider and the vet served in the unpopular wars. They way Vietnam veterans were treated upon return to the country was shameful.  While many volunteer even more were … Continue reading Thank You

Mr. President, Jedi and Vulcans

By now you've heard that congress has once again failed to solve the budget crises. When I saw the president's response on the evening news I was literally yelling at the TV. The Big Guy found the entire thing amusing.  He suggested it would make a good blog piece.   After watching this I'm sure … Continue reading Mr. President, Jedi and Vulcans

Open Letter to Politicians

Dear Elected Officials, Candidates, and Other Political Types: I'm sick of both political parties and fear mongers.  It is time to to move past political party lines and address the real issues.  I vote issues and for candidates not along party lines. I have a brain, therefore I do not require a political party to … Continue reading Open Letter to Politicians

Question of the Day from Nightline

I thought Monday night's question from Nightline would make a good blog. "Does or should Congress have the power to require people to buy insurance? Should the health care law stand?" I'm not sure if Congress actually has the power to make insurance mandatory. However I do not think that they should have that power … Continue reading Question of the Day from Nightline