I usually don’t write about politics: of the 1,200+ posts I’ve written only 39 have been about politics. It isn’t that I don’t have an opinion about most political issues. Gee, I have a lot of opinions on everything, or I probably wouldn’t be a blogger.  Currently, I am disgusted with both parties. I’m tired of our elected officials acting like a bunch of irresponsible middle schoolers. (Apologies to the 11-14 year-olds for the comparison.) The government shutdown should begin at the top. Yes, that’s right the White House should provide only the necessary security staff and maybe one or two assistants. Give only what would be needed by any family to survive. There is no need for house keeping or kitchen staff. As for congress, there should be no debate as to if you will accept your pay check. If you don’t do your job, you don’t get paid. Until those police protecting you from disturbed individuals get paid neither do you. Also, send home Congressional staff home as well.

This entire incident reminds me of what happened with school funding in Texas back in the 1990s.  The federal courts became involved due to a law suit and the state was supposed to find a way to equitably distribute the wealth between the rich and poor districts. However, the state legislators would wait until the last minute and never get around to addressing the issue. Each time the courts would threaten to not only withhold the state money to the schools but also freeze the schools’ reserve accounts. The result would be that teachers would not be paid for the months of May through August. Since most teachers are on 9 or 10 month contracts but paid over 12 months by May, the school district is about 3 months behind in paying the teacher. So in August teachers are being paid for May. The result was teachers wouldn’t have been paid for work already done. Fortunately, that never happened and things were worked out or at least to the satisfaction of the courts. My point is that the people being punished for the legislators’ negligent behavior have no control over the situation. The consequences do not impact the daily lives of those in charge. They can continue to play games. This is why I rarely vote for an incumbent.

My suggestion on where to start with lay-offs.

Found this picture on Facebook. I don’t know the original source.


4 thoughts on “Thoughts on the Government Shutdown

  1. Hey D,
    First off, Happy Birthday. I know that the government shut down is annoying to many and very uncomfortable for some who are furloughed and dependent on WIC. However, as the president and the Majority Leader have said, “elections have consequences.” We have elected a president that has strong socialistic leanings. He understandably believes he has a mandate to implement the Affordable Care Act and other parts of his platform. A majority of the House of Representatives where expressly elected to stop the Affordable Care Act and cut spending. Both the President and the House are acting upon the mandates they where elected to accomplish.
    The problem is the Senate. The constitution originally require that Senators be selected by state legislatures. If the constitution had not been amended to require popular vote for senators then it is likely. That the Affordable Care Act would have never been passed and if it had this the House bill would have likely have passed the senate with a veto proof majority.
    During the 20th century the people of the United States forfeited the protections constitution. What we wanted was what sounded more fair and democratic.
    Without the governments of the states being represented by their senators we will always have a crippled government.
    On a separate note their are major ethical issues with the ACA. Many feel it is that their are fair to many ethically questionable practices authorized by this law. This are some of the most fundamental arguments of our culture. Some are individual mandates, abortion funding, euthanasia, privacy just to name a few. The response of the citizenry was to elect a House that would change or repel the law. All elections have consequences. The 2012 and 2010 elections led us to 2013.


    1. Yes I understand all of that. That doesn’t change the fact I’m disgusted with many in D.C. That is why I vote out any incumbent I don’t what they didn’t or rather didn’t accomplish.


  2. My representative voted the way I elected him to vote. So I’ll reward him with another vote. One of my senators did not, he will not get my vote in the future. If the Florida legislature had appointed my senators I’m confident we would be much less likely to facing the weekly crisis that seem to define federal government these days.


    1. Good point. In the past I have voted one party to elect someone and the next turn voted for the other party’s candidate because I didn’t like that person’s record.


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