I am fed up with all of the political nonsense and mess that our country is experiencing. It is time to grow up and move past name calling, divisions and acting like a bunch of spoiled two year-olds. Seriously, our country is facing some serious issues both external and internal.  Sadly, neither front-runner really is a good choice.  Both political parties want to widen the divisions rather than to grow-up and work together.

Our country is in a mess. We have become a nation of easily offended self-entitled brats who feel like everyone must agree with them.

It is time to grow up. It is time to learn the meaning of respect. It is time to remember that we don’t have to agree to be civil or even like each other. It is time to stop the name calling and grow up.

It is time pray for country.  Pray about who you should vote for and then vote for that person.  Then no matter what the outcome of election is continue to pray.



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