It’s me Maddie Mae again.

I really enjoy going for rides. Unfortunately, The Big Guy and Dee don’t take me for rides as much as I want. So I have been watching very carefully how this driving thing works.

Photo Credit: The Big Guy

I think I got this wheel thing figured out. Oh and I have the tunes figured out. Gotta have driving music. Still working on those pedal things.

Now what do the little letters mean. P is easy to figure out but not in the car. I think R means run. D must mean drive.

Photo Credit: The Big Guy

So would someone please give me the keys?

Peace out,

Maddie Mae

4 thoughts on “Keys Please

  1. Maddie Mae, I know you are exceptionally smart young lady but PLEASE leave the driving to Dee and the Big Guy. I know you will be shocked to hear but there are somethings that we humans are able to do better and drive is one. So, I hope they keep the keys well hidden!!!!!


  2. Maddie Mae it is so much fun to read about all of your adventures. They make me smile. Keep having adventures (but no wrecks from trying to drive the car) and writing about them.


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