Coolest Ride

The coolest ride I've ever driven would be this convertible. It was a rental car. The Big Guy had been involved in accident. The accident was the result of a college student who didn't understand how to use a turn signal. The Big Guy and the car in front of him. However apparently, the college … Continue reading Coolest Ride

Energy Efficent Car

Well with the cost of gas rising and predicted only to go higher you may be considering other  options.  While hybrids use far less gas in the long run they really don't save much money. I did an lower cost alternative for a more efficient car from that great engineer Red Green. If anyone is … Continue reading Energy Efficent Car

Top 10: Top Posts for 2010

It is time for my annual list of the most popular posts for the years. All posts were posted this year.  I re-posted videos for posts that features just a video.  Three of the most popular posts for the year featured videos. Another trend was that three Top 10 lists were among the most popular … Continue reading Top 10: Top Posts for 2010

Top 10: Disney Movies — Animated

#10: Cars (2006) -- Racing champion Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson) ends up being stranded in the  tiny town of Radiator Springs and in the process tears up the town.  The town judge Doc Hudson (Paul Newman) sentences Lightning community service to repair the damages.  In the process Lightening learns some valuable lessons about life from  … Continue reading Top 10: Disney Movies — Animated

News You Might Have Missed

Baghdad: The Next Hot Tourist Destination While I wouldn't select Baghdad as the destination for my next vacation that is the image Iraqi officials envision for their capital city. Some Iraqi officials are planning an extreme make-over. Officials are examining plans to promote Baghdad as a place of leisure. Among the proposed ideas to promote … Continue reading News You Might Have Missed