Coolest Ride

The coolest ride I’ve ever driven would be this convertible. It was a rental car. The Big Guy had been involved in accident. The accident was the result of a college student who didn’t understand how to use a turn signal. The Big Guy and the car in front of him. However apparently, the college student behind him didn’t know how to identify brake lights. The plus side to the accident was driving a convertible for a few days. The only negative about the car was that its color was hideous. Burnt orange is an awful color for just about anything.

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Energy Efficent Car

Well with the cost of gas rising and predicted only to go higher you may be considering other  options.  While hybrids use far less gas in the long run they really don’t save much money. I did an lower cost alternative for a more efficient car from that great engineer Red Green.

If anyone is daring enough to try it out be sure to take pictures and video to share.

Top 10: Top Posts for 2010

Top 10It is time for my annual list of the most popular posts for the years. All posts were posted this year.  I re-posted videos for posts that features just a video.  Three of the most popular posts for the year featured videos. Another trend was that three Top 10 lists were among the most popular posts this year.

#10: Top 10: Happy 40th Sesame Street.

Today’s top 10 is in honor of Sesame Street’s 40th birthday.  As a child we would watch   Sesame Street right before watching my dad on the evening news.  Sesame Street and later School House Rock contributed greatly to my education. Today’s list is a combination of favorites and things I learned from Sesame Street. MoreHappy 40th Sesame Street


Ernest and Ronel along with others waiting to get out of Haiti are still stuck in the U.S. Embassy. Earlier today they were told my officials in the U.S. embassy it they got a flight they could leave the country.  Well, Ernest got a flight and it seems that the officials in the U.S. embassy had no intention of letting  them leave Haiti.  The staff is being difficult and  causing unnecessarily causing delays. Read More.
Note: For live updates check out Ernest Parker’s Twitter.
I am re-posting this from Aaron Ivey’s blog. The Ivey’s were in the process of adopting from Haiti when the earthquake hit. Their son Amos was one of the children with Humanitarian parole who came home last Saturday on a military flight. 27 children from the Real Hope for Haiti rescue center were supposed to be on that flight, all of them except Ronel were allowed to leave. Apparently, he was missing one piece of paper. More

#10: Cars (2006) — Racing champion Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson) ends up being stranded in the  tiny town of Radiator Springs and in the process tears up the town.  The town judge Doc Hudson (Paul Newman) sentences Lightning community service to repair the damages.  In the process Lightening learns some valuable lessons about life from  Sally (Bonny Hunt),  Mater (Larry the Cable Guy) and the other locals. MoreCars

#6: Is Extreme Makeover Home Edition.

After the Extreme Makeover Build in Gainesville, Florida I begin hearing rumors about the show that trouble me. After doing some investigation I have been able to confirm one of the rumors. It seems that some recipients of the homes have lost their home because they cannot afford the mortgage, increased taxes and/or increased utilities bills. … Read More.

Season 7: Episode 18 -- Wagstaff Family
Season 7: Episode 18 -- Wagstaff Family

#5: Holy Week 2010: Monday.

41 Every year Jesus’ parents went to Jerusalem for the Passover festival. 42 When Jesus was twelve years old, they attended the festival as usual. 43 After the celebration was over, they started home to Nazareth, but Jesus stayed behind in Jerusalem. His parents didn’t miss him at first, 44 because they assumed he was among the other travelers. But when he didn’t show up that evening, they started looking for him among their relatives and friends. …. More

#4: Sounds of the Season 2010: Hallelujah Chorus Flash Mob Style.

Posted November 30 this one has quickly become one of the most popular posts of the year.

#3: Top 10: Signs You Might be A Nerd.

This post was inspired by a recent conversation with The Big Guy. For some unexplained reason our conversation evolved or eroded to a discussion about our favorite search engine from back in the day (late 90′s/early 2000s). Read More.

#2: Dancing in the Mine Fields by Andrew Peterson

When I post videos I like to include something about the artist or song. I think Andrew’s description of the inspiration for this song is better than anything I might write.

In December of 2009 my wife and I celebrated fifteen years of marriage. A few days later, we got in a silly argument and I wrote this song after she went to bed. Marriage, see, was God’s idea. It’s one of the most potent metaphors in all of Scripture for the way God loves us and the way we’re to let ourselves be loved by him. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy. To the contrary, it’s fraught with peril. Any good marriage involves a thousand deaths to self—the good news is, in Christ that marriage involves at least as many resurrections. We lay our lives down and enter this perilous dance with another human being who has done the same. Why should we expect to emerge unscathed? Read the original post (Link to Peterson’s website)

#1: One Minute Sermon

Tamara Lowe packs a lot in under two minutes. This was originally shared at  Christ Fellowship in Palm Beach area Florida.

Top 10: Disney Movies — Animated

Cars#10: Cars (2006) — Racing champion Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson) ends up being stranded in the  tiny town of Radiator Springs and in the process tears up the town.  The town judge Doc Hudson (Paul Newman) sentences Lightning community service to repair the damages.  In the process Lightening learns some valuable lessons about life from  Sally (Bonny Hunt),  Mater (Larry the Cable Guy) and the other locals.

Aladdin# 9: Aladdin (1992) — Street urchin Aladdin (Scott Wienger) encounters an intriguing stranger who turns out to be Princess Jasmine (Linda Larkin). Of course he falls for her but she is required by law to marry only a prince prince. Aladdin’s luck makes a drastic turn when he meets a magic Genie (Robin Williams)who grants him three wishes.

Lion King# 8: The Lion King (1994) Follow the journey of young Simba (Jonathan Taylor Thomas) from a young cub to the king of the jungle.

Beauty and the Beast# 7: Beauty & The Beast (1991) — Disney’s retelling of the classic tale.  To save her father the beautiful Belle (Paige O’Hara) agrees to become a prisoner of the Beast (Robby Benson). In the process her charm and kindness transform the beast into a kind-hearted gentleman.

Fantasia# 6: Fantasia (1940)Join Mickey Mouse as the Sorcerer’s Apprentice on a magical journey through time set to a soundtrack of well known music.

dalmatains2# 5: The 101 Dalmatians (1961) — After the evil Cruella De Vil  (Betty Lou Gerson) kidnaps  Pongo (Rod Taylor) and Perdita’s (Cate Bauer)  entire liter of 15 pups they must rescue them.

Monsters Inc.# 4: Monsters, Inc (2001) — Monsters, Inc takes a playful look at what if those childhood fears of monsters in the closet and under the bed were true.   See what happens whens monsters Sulley (John Goodman) and Mike (Billy Crystal) have a chance encounter with Boo (Mary Gibbs) a human child.  Guess what the monsters are afraid of the child.

Toy Story# 3: Toy Story (1995) — Woody (Tom Hanks)  the toy cowboyfeels threatened in his position as Andy’s favorite by the arrival of new toy Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen), Space Ranger. Buzz & Woody compete for the top toy spot and in the process learn a lesson about friendship.

The Incredibles# 2: The Incredibles (2004) — Mr. and Mrs. Parr, also known as Mr. Incredible (Craig T. Nelson)  and Elastigirl (Holly Hunter) have been forced into a protection program by the government. The Parrs are attempting to live a normal life and raise a family. However it is just to much for Mr. Parr/Mr. Incredible.  In his attempt to relive the glory days Mr. Incredible runs into trouble and must be saved by his not so normal family (Spencer Fox and Lou Romano).

Peter Pan# 1: Peter Pan (1953) — A chance encounter with Peter Pan (Bobby Driscoll) catapults the Wendy (Kathryn Beaumont), John (Paul Collins) and Michael Darling (Tommy Luske) from their ordinary life in London to the fantastical Neverland.

The Big Guy’s New Toy

Well, once again the Big Guy is a gainfully employed educator after spending the past few years as a grad student.  For a year or so we have been a one car family with the Big Guy’s new job it is necessary to have a second car. Hopefully, this one will last as long as our 1991 Legacy.

The Big Guy's New Toy
2008 Subaru Legacy

News You Might Have Missed

Baghdad: The Next Hot Tourist Destination

While I wouldn’t select Baghdad as the destination for my next vacation that is the image Iraqi officials envision for their capital city. Some Iraqi officials are planning an extreme make-over. Officials are examining plans to promote Baghdad as a place of leisure. Among the proposed ideas to promote Baghdad as a great tourist destination are plans to build a 600+ ft ferris wheel. The project is nicknamed The Bagahad Eye and will be about 200 feet taller than the London Eye. No I’m not making this one up, read the article USA Today. Somehow building a giant ferris wheel in a city that is plagued by sectarian violence doesn’t make sense.

Lost in The Country … Find a Cow

According to research presented at the British National Academy of Sciences it appears that cattle and deer have a natural tendency to align their bodies north-to-south. Read more from BBC News.

But All the Cool Kids Are Riding Bikes To School …

Due to raising gas prices, an increased awareness of the environment and to promote healthy life styles many colleges and high schools have adopted programs to promote the use of bicycles. Programs include everything from increased bike paths to free bikes. Read the article in USA Today.

Yeah, I Killed Your Dog but You Should Pay to Fix My Car

Earlier this year Jeffery of Ely ran over Fester, a miniature Pinscher with his 1997 Honda Civic. The impact killed the tiny dog on impact. Fester had managed to escape from her owner Nikki Munthe and ran into the road. Ely has sued the Munthes for damages done to his Civic due to the accident. He believes the owners should be held responsible for the accident. The dog was not allowed to run free but had managed to wiggle past the owner as she owned the front door. It doesn’t appear that the owners were negligent. Read more on Fox News.

It’s a Bird no It’s a Kitty

That’s right a tabby in China started growing furry wings this summer. The winged feline became quite a popular attraction. Eventually the owner clipped the wings off out of fear the cat would fly away or be abducted by admirers. No, I’m not making this up, read the original post on Fox News.

Hmm …

I’ve seen this car several times when I pick the Big Guy up. It makes me do a double take every time I see it. This time I decided to take a picture of it and post it.    I’ve removed all identifying info like make and license plate so that is bad editing not a bad paint job. Can you spot what just is out-of-place with the car?

Did you figure it out?











The car is sporting a Longhorn mascot of University of Texas but it is Texas A&M maroon. Oh, BTW, I’m currently wearing my A&M shirt as I type this.