Maddie in sun glasses.


It’s Maddie Mae. It has been a crazy week or so.

Last week was something called the 4th of July. Dee got an extra day off because of the the 4th. I liked having my humans around.

Now this 4th of July thing is crazy. So it seems that people take the day off and cook a lot of meat. Hey I’m all for cooking lots of meat especially chicken-bacon. Then at night people go out and play with fireworks. They are loud and not safe! Not sure why humans only make a big deal about the 4th in July, don’t they know the 4th comes between the 3rd and 5th every month.

Oh and I got bit by an ant. I was just minding my own business checking out my yard. I was checking (sniffing) the yard by the porch and they got me. Dee said I put my nose in their bed. I didn’t see a house much less a bed. It was just a pile of dirt. Don’t they know it is my yard. I am ok now.

Monday the Big Guy started teaching summer school. So he is gone for a few hours. Good thing I have G’Ma and her helper. Oh and G’ma had some friends come over too.

We have had a lot of rain and thunder. I don’t like thunder. I really don’t like wet grass. Don’t they know I am a princess.

Wednesday night was just awful. Well except the chicken. I got chicken for dinner. First there were more fireworks for the Lampasas Spring Ho. Not really sure what that is but the park was full and I couldn’t go bark at the ducks. Wednesday night first there were fireworks and then a bad storm with lots of wind and thunder. This was all at the same time! The TV guy said that wind was up to 90 whatevers.

Yesterday, the Big Guy was trying to mow my yard and a flying thingy got him. I try to catch them but he says not to bite them because they will get me. I don’t think he bit any but who knows those flying thingys got him. How rude.

Today we went out for a drive. I got a breakfast taco. Then we went to pick up The Big Guys boots. They are very big. Next we went to the meat store. For some reason I can’t go in the meat store. I did get a piece of jerky. Finally we dropped off a treat for a friend. Well Dee said it was a treat. It was a peach something. I prefer jerky.

Peace Out,

Princess Maddie Mae

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