Hi its me Maddie Mae again.

I really love my new yard except those burr things that get caught in my fur. They are awful. I got so many caught in my fur that Dee had to give me a bath to get them out. See that big pile in the tub. It was awful.

Maddie getting a bath.

The Big Guy and Dee keep calling them grassburs. That is a silly name. I have been watching the grass closely and it just sits there.

I know how those things got in my yard — the goats. Before the goats left, they snuck into my yard and put those burr thingys allow over MY yard like a bunch of tiny land mines. Yep, those thingys are really goat burrs.

Maddie is not happy.

As you can tell, I am not amused by all of those burr things. The goats better stay away.

Peace Out,

Maddie Mae

6 thoughts on “Goatburrs

  1. Poor Maddie! Those goats truly ARE really sneaky! GRIN Maddie you are so lucky to have a good family who takes care of you. If you think that your “goat burrs” are bad–NEVER try to make friends with a porcupine! I know a dog who did and it was really painful to have the quills removed. Be glad the goats only left the grassburrs. GRIN

    Actually there are some awful goat’s head puncture vines–the seeds look like goat’s heads. There were a LOT of them where I grew up. They are different than your “goat burrs” because they have poky parts that puncture your feet when you walk on them and they mostly grow close to the ground and spread out. Here is a Youtube video of a gentleman showing how to get rid of them. I hope your “goat” grass burrs are easier to get rid of! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VkZ2xkSLmPg


  2. I am glad they are the soft kind so they don’t hurt Maddie! Dee, I love how you write these fun little posts for Maddie. They brighten my day. I also like your serious thoughts. Give your sweet mom a hug from me. I am so glad I was able to meet her and I appreciate the time and effort and cost for her to give me copies of the Civil War letters. I bless her name all the time because so many of them are about my direct family, including my 3rd great grandmother, my great great grandparents, my great grandfather and various great great aunts and uncles and cousins. What a treasure these letters have been.


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