It’s me Maddie Mae. Boy have I got big news. It’s even bigger than my fortress. THOSE EVIL GOATS ARE GONE!!!!

No goats

I haven’t seen the goats in awhile. Dee said they were probably in the back pasture. Today we noticed all of their food bowls and toys were gone, too.

I guess they got the message and decided to move on. So Maddie 20000000 and goats 0.

Now I just have helicopters and that crazy robot vacumm. The helicopters know to stay out of my yard. The robot vacumm is still missing. It has been missing for a week. Anyway I have been able to enjoy my porch in peace.

Until next time

Peace out

Maddie Mae

2 thoughts on “They Are Gone

  1. Yeah Maddie, you scared the evil goats away! I’m glad Dee and Nathan and Dee’s mom have you there to protect and watch over them. Lucky family!


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