It’s me Maddie Mae. Boy have I got big news. Ya’ll just aren’t going to believe what happened last week.

The Big Guy let some guys with yard monsters (post hole digger) invade my yard. They made all this awful noise. They left these bright shiny poles all over my yard.

Fence poles

Well, they came back the next day and made more noise. This time they put this shiny spikey barrier all over my yard. Dee keeps calling it a fence. Whatever, looks like castle walls to me. I know all about castles from watching all those British shows with G’ma.

Maddie's fence

Now those goats and helicopters won’t get in my yard. The crazy robot vacumm got stuck somewhere and is currently missing.

We just need a moat around the fence now and oh some lasers so I can enjoy my fortress of solitude in peace.

Maddie surveying her domain.

Peace out,

Maddie Mae

4 thoughts on “My Fortress

  1. Maddie Mae, your life is certainly exciting. I’m glad that Dee and Big Man finally got the castle walls put up. It will make it much easier for you guard your kingdom. But get them to dig the moat. Tell them “it ain’t over til the fat lady sings” and they must get the moat put in for better protection from the invading hordes a.k.a. goats!


  2. Maddie Mae, it is so much fun to read all of your “newsy” posts. Give Gma an extra doggy kiss from me!


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