Itchy tagsAnother of my favorites originally posted December 19, 2007.  Oh, yeah I’m still battling those itchy tags.

I’m trying to work  but unfortunately I’m distracted by an itchy tag. There is nothing worse than creating the optimal work environment only to be distracted by something as trivial as an itchy tag. I just hate the little tags in the back of shirt collars. So, if one tag isn’t bad enough some shirts have a tag on the side as well.

Recently, I found some shirts that were advertised as being “tag-less”. Sounded like a great solution to the itchy tag dilemma. Well, I bought a couple of tag-less shirts and took them home. The shirt had a tag stamped on the inside of the shirt.

The day came when I decided to try out one of my new miracle tag-less shirts. Imagine a day of no distractions due to itchy tags. Well, I put on my miracle shirt and begin my day. I’m deep in concentration about something and all of sudden I feel an itchy tag. Oh no, how can that be, I’m wearing my miracle tag-less shirt. After some serious investigating I discover that my “miracle tag-less shirt” has a tag located on the side. The tag on the side of the shirt is much worse than the back of the shirt. If a shirt has a tag on the side how can it be considered tag-less? Tag-less means zero, nada no stinking tags on the shirt!

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