top10BFound the original TOP 10: Favorite Restaurants while pursuing the TDZ archives. I decided it really needed to be updated.

It has been a while since I did one of my list. I just wasn’t inspired. This idea hit me when I was eating at one of my favorite places.

#10: Main Street Pies — (Alachua, FL) This is the way pizza should be made with lots of fresh ingredients. Not only is the food great the owners are the best.

#9:  Pepe’s Mexican Cafe — (Bryan, TX) The Big Guy is from Bryan, Texas. One of the places that makes our must visit list is Pepe’s Mexican Cafe. Pepe’s has been an Aggieland tradition since 1969. It is locally owned. The food is fast, fresh and cheap.  More …

#8: Dolce Vita Bakery Cafe(Gainesville, Fl) is a locally owned bakery that serves breakfast and lunch. Everything is made fresh in-house.  My personal favorites are the croissants, the pistachio muffins and cronuts.  More

#7: Antonio’s Mexican Restaurant (Burleson & Weatherford, TX) — Antonio’s may be the best Mexican restaurant and certainly one of my favorites.

#6: Kickin’ Ash BBQ, (Montgomery, TX) — We found Kickin’ Ash by accident, as we were wondering through East Texas. It is now one of those places that we plan our trip to stop there for a meal. Read my review.

#5: 4 Rivers Smokehouse (Florida based Chain) — A small central Florida chain that has recently moved into Gainesville, Florida.  The 4 Rivers website describes themselves as a sophisticated Texas-style smokehouse. I think I would describe them as trendy. Sophisticated just doesn’t fit with BBQ.  We have tried several BBQ places in Florida claiming to be “Texas-style” and 4 Rivers is the only one that is even close… Read more

#4:  Texas Land and Cattle Steak House(Texas based chain) — One of my favorite steak houses is Texas Land and Cattle Company.  I love their smoked sirloin.  Unlike another chain that has Texas in its name Texas Land & Cattle Company is actually from Texas. Their menu and decor is reminiscent of a Texas cattle ranch.

#3: Conestogas (Alachua, Florida) —  Reasonably priced steaks and desserts. According to the Big Guy they have good burgers and chicken. When I go to a steak place I’m getting a steak.  Located on Main Street in “Beautiful Downtown Alachua”  is a laid back, family friendly place with good service and good food.

#2: Dutchman’s Hidden Valley (Hamilton, TX) —  Dutchman’s Hidden Valley is a country store and German deli owned by a friend of mine and her husband.  It has been one of my favorites for several years.  They have the best peanut butter cookies and cheesecake.

#1: Hollywood & Vine at Disney’s Hollywood Studio (Walt Disney World, Orlando, FL) — Dining at Disney is not the normal theme park food. In fact, it is actually quite good.  Two of my favorites are the salmon and the mac and cheese.  In my opinion Hollywood & Vine is one of the best if not the best Disney has to offer.  It features an all you can eat buffet which includes drinks. We have found it is actually more cost effective to eat one meal at a buffet. It cuts down on the need for snacks. Hollywood & Vine is an Art Decco themed tribute to Hollywood’s golden era. One warning,  at  breakfast and lunch it is character dining  featuring Playhouse Disney. So, if your party doesn’t include any munchkins stick with the evening meal.

Steak and Pasta Works (Gainesville, FL)

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