church.jpgOriginally Posted July 6, 2007

My granddad was a preacher. Actually he was my great-granddad. Granddad had a great sense of humor. Mealtimes were quite enjoyable especially when Granddad started telling stories. He had quite a collection of funny preacher stories. Usually his stories involved rookie preachers. By this time he had been a preacher for over 50 years. He was sort of a mentor for the rookie preachers. Most of the young preachers came from a nearby seminary and were also students.Granddad was a country preacher and many of the rookie preachers were from the city. One of my favorite stories involved one of these city boys. He had taken a new preacher to a little country church for services. It was summer and the church had no AC so all of the doors and windows were open. Well everything was going fine and the young preacher was doing well until in walked a skunk. The skunk paraded right down the aisle towards the pulpit. The young preacher noticed the skunk. He cautiously looked around the church for reactions from the congregants. To his surprise no one else seemed to even notice the skunk. Uneasily the preacher decided to ignore the skunk and keep preaching. Well the skunk kept on moving toward the front of the church. This plan seemed to be working until the skunk reached the platform and headed for the pulpit. Now the young preacher was really nervous. He scanned the audience for some sort of reaction. Surely someone in the congregation had noticed by this time. The audience appeared attentive but yet oblivious to the dilemma of the young preacher. The skunk moved closer to the preacher. Finally, the time for action had arrived and the preacher decided he had to do something immediately. He vaulted over the pulpit and ran out the back door.

Once outside he took a few minutes to catch his breath as he waited for others to follow. Several minutes passed and no one else followed. He decided to check out the situation. Cautiously he approached the door and peaked inside. What he saw amazed him, the congregation was still seated inside as if nothing had happened.

A few minutes later one of the deacons walked out of the church holding the skunk. By this time the young preacher was extremely nervous and very confused. The deacon looked at the preacher and said I guess no one told you about the neighbor’s pet skunk.

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