pepesquesoburritoThe Big Guy is from Bryan, Texas. One of the places that makes our must visit list is Pepe’s Mexican Cafe. Pepe’s has been an Aggieland tradition since 1969. It is locally owned. The food is fast, fresh and cheap. They have a great salsa, it may be the best in Bryan. One of my favorite items is the queso burrito. It is a burrito topped with queso, onions and blacked olives and of course served with a big bag of chips.


Food: Very good. Food is fast, fresh and cheap.

Selection: Great. Typical Tex-Mex fast food plus some original items as well.

Service:  Very friendly. Pepe’s has great customer service as well. If they make a mistake they go out of their way to correct. By the way mistakes are very rare.

Atmosphere: It is a dive but that is part of the experience. Did notice on our last visit that the dining room had been painted. Maybe they will get better booths.

Allergy Rating: Good. Be prepared to ask a lot of questions.

Overall: Very Good. One of our favorites.

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