Adventures in Canning: Salsa

I've wanted to try canning for couple of years. I finally tried it canning some blueberry syrup for making homemade soda's and pancakes. Homemade sodas is new obsession but more about that later.  The blueberry syrup experience went well so I decided to try canning salsa. I've played with idea of canning my salsa to … Continue reading Adventures in Canning: Salsa

Review: Pepe’s Mexican Cafe

The Big Guy is from Bryan, Texas. One of the places that makes our must visit list is Pepe's Mexican Cafe. Pepe's has been an Aggieland tradition since 1969. It is locally owned. The food is fast, fresh and cheap. They have a great salsa, it may be the best in Bryan. One of my … Continue reading Review: Pepe’s Mexican Cafe

Grilled Chicken With Tropical Salsa

In honor of Cinco de Mayo thought I would share a recipe with a Tex-Mex flair. For Chicken Either 6-8 chicken pieces. 1 cup pineapple pieces with juice 1/2 cup mango juice -- use the kind without corn syrup for better results. 2-3 cloves garlic 2-3 TBS brown sugar 1-2 TBS sweet chilli sauce 1 … Continue reading Grilled Chicken With Tropical Salsa

Pancho’s Sopaipillas

Yes, I know this recipe is really from Pancho’s Mexican Buffet, TX. Before I get laughed out of blogdom for owning much less posting a recipe from Pancho's let me explain. First, I had a reader request for more of the restaurant recipes my mom collected from the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram. Second Sopaipillas is one … Continue reading Pancho’s Sopaipillas