Sky Watch Friday: Palm Trees

Sky Watch

More pictures with my new toy. I am enjoying playing with it. These shots my be reminiscent of a beach or the island from Lost but were really taken on the University of Florida campus. I am amazed by the amount and variety of vegetation in Florida. It is a cool to see palm trees, pine trees and other trees mixed together.

Blue Skies & Palms

Under the Palm

For more Sky Watch visit Tom.


  1. Just to let you know I have visited and seen your post. I thank you for joining in this week and being part of the Sky Watch community.
    Tom :O)

  2. Thanks for stopping by the blog and leaving some comments about Emerging Church and Blue Like Jazz. I went to the University of Florida to do grad work from 2000-2002 and my in-laws live in Gainesville. Great place to live.

  3. I love, love, LOVE the second photo! You have such a great eye for photography, Dee. Have you ever thought of selling your photos? If not, you definitely should.

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