One perk of working in the bookstore is preview copies of new releases. Today I got my copy of Third Day’s new project Revelation. It may be the best CD Third Day has released yet. I’ve played it most of the day but only had about an hour to really just sit and digest the music. It is amazing. I’ll post a better review later but for now you can enjoy this clip about the making of the project. Oh, the street date is July 29, 2008, Enjoy!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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7 thoughts on “New Third Day Release

  1. The photo is not showing. I wish I worked at bookstore. My wife and I own about 4000 hardbacks and buy several more each month. Yes we have read them all! Lucky is what you are.


  2. Wow, that is really good, kind of a mix between Creed and Nickelback. I’ll have to pick up the CD. 🙂

    On vodpod …. there must not have been a video showing on my screen when you first posted this, because all I remember seeing is the written review, and I definitely would have watched the video if I had known there was one, since it was music. I was using (I think) Netscape Navigator at that point.

    I’ll scope out vodpod, and see if I can figure out its limitations and whether it can be stopped from auto-playing. Thanks!


  3. ENM,

    Oh, you must have read the review I wrote of Revelation. Actually, I written about 9 things about Third Day, they are may favorite band. Nate bought tickets to their concert for my b-day. Of course I have to wait over a month after my b-day for the concert.


  4. I don’t really have any of Nickleback’s music. When I go to my “comfort music” playlist on my Ipod it usually includes Third Day, Creed, Rich Mullins, U2 and Coldplay.


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