2010 in Review

Wow, it is almost 2011. It seems like the year has flown by. It is time for my annual year in review of TheDeeZone highlights for the year. January So Long and Good Luck, Timmy Originally posted 9 January 2010. Last Friday’s Sugar bowl marked the end of an era for Gator Nation.  It was … Continue reading 2010 in Review

In The News Today ….

Interesting tibits I have found in the news today. Florida Primaries If you live in Florida head then it is time for you to the polls and vote for the presidential candidate of your choice. Sunday the New York Times published an interesting Op-Ed by Caroline Kennedy comparing Obama with her father. Essentially it is … Continue reading In The News Today ….

In the News

Today’s blog consists of some items I found interesting. A recent study by Massachusetts General Hospital suggests that there are brain differences between those prone to migraines and those who are not. Apparently, part of the cortex is thicker in those who are prone to migraines. This was a small study limited to 24 people … Continue reading In the News