Random Thoughts

Just as my tagline suggests today’s post  is the result of  a wandering ADHD mind.

  • If the speed of light is 186,000 miles per second, what is the speed of dark?
  • I find it ironic that in stores the smaller sizes are on the top and big the sizes are on the bottom.  Saw a petite lady struggling to reach an extra small size while  a guy the size of a linebacker was bent over looking for his size.
  • Can’t believe that some chic left her car running, door open and purse in front seat of her car at the front of the mall. Wonder if the car was there when she got back.
  • Amazed that by cutting out junk food for 5 days I lost 3 pounds this week. Also, drank water most of the time.
  • Is amused that a guy called the local police to report that a neighbor had stolen his pot. Yes, that’s right! He reported the theft of marijuana.

Song of the Day: Jesus Muzik featuring Lecrae, Trip Lee and Tedashii

Author: TheDeeZone

I write about things I find interesting this include music, movies, cooking, religion, news and whatever else pops in my ADHD brain. As a my tagline says: "The musings of an ADHD mind."I'm never really sure what is will catch my interest.

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