Top 10: Music That Cheers Me Up

Found this prompt on the Daily Blog and thought it would be a fun post. #10: Ode to Joy by Beaker #9: Pink Limousine by Rootbeer #8: New Shoes by Paolo Nutini #7: Tapatio by Redcloud #6: Hello Everybody by Pigeon John #5: NY2LA by Press Play #4: Face in This World by Mark Lowry … Continue reading Top 10: Music That Cheers Me Up

And the Winner Is ..

In case you haven't heard Third Day won a Grammy for the the best Gospel Rap or Rock Album for Live Revelations. Third Day was also nominated for Best Gospel Performance and Best Gospel Song for Born Again. In case you haven't figured it out Third Day is one of my favorites. HT: Elf Nino's … Continue reading And the Winner Is ..