Throwback Thursday: Cowtown

My hometown Ft. Worth, Texas started as a sleepy outpost on the banks of the Trinity river. It would later grow into a bustling cattle shipping hub earning the nickname Cowtown. Today Fort Worth is one of the largest cities in the country and is part an even larger metropolitan area.  In 2003, we knew … Continue reading Throwback Thursday: Cowtown

F is for Fort Worth Herd

Ft. Worth, Texas or Cowtown became famous for its stockyards. The Ft. Worth Herd began in its daily cattle drives through the streets of the historic Stockyards in 1999. The Ft. Worth herd is comprised of the iconic Longhorn cattle. Cattle played an important part of the economy of Ft Worth first with cattle trails … Continue reading F is for Fort Worth Herd

Sky Watch Friday: SWBTS Rotunda

Took these pictures on my last trip to Texas. While The Big Guy & I where students at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Ft. Worth, Texas I always wanted to get a night shot of the rotunda. The rotunda at night is an impressive. It is especially impressive during Missions week when flags from around … Continue reading Sky Watch Friday: SWBTS Rotunda

Another ID10T Winner

Charles Ray Fuller of Ft Worth, Texas had a "brilliant" get rich quick plan.  He "borrowed" a check from his girlfriend's mother and added some slight modifications.  His little plan ran into some problems when bank officials became suspicious of the 10 zeros Fuller added to the check. Yes, he tried to cash a check … Continue reading Another ID10T Winner